Thursday, August 13, 2009

Carol Comes Out!

This has been a GREAT summer for Lynley fans!

That's because two of her rare TV appearances have been released on DVD.

On July 21, Paramount Home Video released "Hotel: The First Season." This includes a 1983 episode in which our very own Carol appears entitled, "Faith, Hope, & Charity"(Original airdate: November 23, 1983).

Carol plays a playwright, who reunites with her old college chum (Peyton Place's bad girl Barbara Parkins!) at the St. Gregory Hotel. However, their friendship is put to the test when Carol "comes out" to Barbara, revealing that she is a lesbian!

If you never have seen it, you're in for a REEL treat! There are a lot of great scenes for us Lynley watchers, as Carol drops towel and shows off a lot of skin, and wears a sexy, spandex leotard!!!

I must have missed this one when it first aired, and I don't think the show was syndicated much, so this was a great find and not to be missed!

The second Carol appearance can be found on "The Love Boat: Season 2,Volume 2" (also from Paramount Home Video). I've already talked about this episode on a previous post (see below), but it is nice to finally get this episode on DVD quality with sharp picture and outstanding color.

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