Friday, February 17, 2012

Tales of the Unexpected

Tales Of The Unexpected
"The Gift of Beauty"
Original Air Date: June 30, 1984

Thanks to youtube, I finally watched Carol's performance in "Tales of the Unexpected."

Carol plays a wealthy widow who's having an affair with a much younger, stud muffin who helped her kill her husband. Carol is in her 40s and is worried about remaining beautiful for her sexy boy-toy, so she responds to a letter from a company the fountain of beauty who promise to give her the gift of eternal beauty. But be careful what you wish for...

I used to watch this series in the early '80s, but I don't remember this particular episode. It reminded me of the old TV series, "Alfred Hitchcock Presents", where every episode ended with a twist.

Carol is great here, and looks beautiful. That is, after the transformation. I should note that she spends the first half in a brown, mousy wig and little makeup to make her look dowdy. It works!

The role gives Carol a chance to play an older woman, and she does a fine job. She also gets in a good work-out (lots of montages of her exercising)! As for the episode itself: nothing earth-shattering here, but it is a fun way to waste a half-hour. Great jazzy score, too!

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