Thursday, February 28, 2008

Carol's Movies (Theatrical and Made-for-TV)

Once You Kiss a Stranger (1969)
Diana (Carol Lynley) is the wealthy, mentally unbalanced woman who seduces the local golf pro Jerry (Paul Burke). She proposes they each do the other a favor by eliminating their rivals. The drunken golfer laughs and agrees to kill Diane's psychiatrist Dr. Haggis (Whit Bissell), believing Diane is kidding. She is dead serious...

"If It's A Man, Hang Up" is a slow-burning tale of voyeurism and obsession. The ravishing Carol Lynley stars as Suzy Martin, a stylish and beautiful model who receives a series of upsetting phone calls.

The Shuttered Room (1966/U.K.)
Starring Carol Lynley, Gig Young, Oliver Reed, Flora Robson.
A young woman and her new husband arrive on an island in New England to inhabit the old millhouse she has inherited. Unknown to them, the house is under a family curse and they must deal with it and the threat of local menacing toughs. Based on a story by H.P. Lovecraft.
NOTE: Has small network logo bug in lower right-hand corner.

Death Stalk (1974)
Two men (Vince Edwards, Robert Webber) shoot rapids to rescue their abducted wives from four escaped convicts in a rubber raft.

Directed by: Robert Day
Starring:Vince Edwards, Carol Lynley

Bad Georgia Road (1977)
Fun movie reminiscent of "Smokey and the Bandit". Carol plays a New York socialite who inherits her uncle's moonshine operation and fights mobsters to keep it.

The Washington Affair (1977)
Color - 86 minutes - Not rated. Director: Victor Stoloff (who remade his own earlier Intimacy). Barry Sullivan, Carol Lynley, Tom Selleck. No-great-shakes blackmail piece that has Selleck, pre-"Magnum," in bed with Carol. A lot. This was never released theatrically, but showed up on TV after Selleck made a name for himself.

More to Come:
Blackout (1988)
The Pleasure Seekers (with Ann-Margaret)
Balboa (with Tony Curtis)

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