Friday, February 29, 2008

Carol's TV Appearances

The Love Boat
(2-10-79) In a segment entitled, "Best of Friends," Carol and Donna Pescow play best friends. Donna introduces Carol to her new boyfriend played by Ben Murphy. Carol is horrified because Ben had propositioned her earlier that day! How will she break the news to Donna? Carol wears two bathing suits and disco dances! Ooh-la-la!
UPDATE (August 4, 2009): Carol's episode is included on the official DVD release, The Love Boat: Season Two, Volume 2

Charlie's Angels
- "Island Angels": Carol guest-starred on this iconic TV series during it's fifth and final season in 1980. The Angels are hired to find an assassin among a group of swinging singles at a luxury Hawaiian resort.
Who can the killer be? Is it: Carol Lynley, Lyle Waggoner, Randolph Mantooth or Barbi Benton?
Carol looks great soaking wet in a bathing suit, BTW!

The Invaders - "The Believers"
Aired: December 5, 1967
David (Roy Thinnes) is subjected to hypnosis and elaborate ruses in an effort to learn the identities of his new allies. Elyse: Carol Lynley. Torin: Anthony Eisley. Scoville: Kent Smith. Harland: Donald Davis. Carol sports a new short 'do in this episode. Twiggy started this hairstyle and then Mia Farrow chopped off all her hair in "Rosemary's Baby." I prefer Carol with longer hair, but she looks great no matter what style.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents - "The Young One"
The Big Valley- "Hell Hath No Fury"
Night Gallery

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