Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Pleasure Seekers

Finally transferred my VHS copy of "The Pleasure Seekers" to DVD over the weekend. Carol shares screen time with Ann-Margaret and Pamela Tiffin in this 1965 film. They play three gorgeous bachelorettes rooming together in Madrid, Spain looking for a husband, and they all manage to get themselves in seemingly unhappy relationships. My favorite scene is when Carol is confronted by the jealous wife (Gene Tierney) of the guy she's dating (Brian Keith). Poor Carol gets a slap in the face! This movie just begs for a dvd release. It was filmed in Cinemascope and needs a widescreen presentation in order to throughly enjoy the magnificent scenery (Carol) and locations (Madrid). The copy I have is from a TV airing and the movie was modified to fit fullscreen. The only part of the movie in widescreen is the opening titles.

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